Rick McCollum, RScP

Supporting simple, life affirming spiritual practices

I teaching basic spiritual practice and useful concepts for living today

As a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner I offering classes, workshops and one on one counseling to help indivduals know their Oneness with Spirit.

Are struggling in life?  Do you think God has forgotten you?  Let’s chat about practical ways you can connect or reconnect with the Source of All Life.  Do you have questions about God or spiritual matters that you are afraid to ask anyone?  This is a safe place where no question or idea is off limits.  Lets be real and find the answers to the hard questions we were always afraid to ask.

Life shows up to fulfill our mental view of it – is your life easy or hard?  If you want a more fulfilling life lets work to create it together.  I can share some thoughts and techniques that might just help you in all areas of your life.

“I used to think a spiritual practice would be difficult, now I understand much of what I do each day is a spiritual practice – it all depends on the consciousness I hold.”                                                                                                      Rick McCollum

Call me today to set up an appointment.  Your first session is provided on a love offering basis.

I am available for spiritual counseling by appointment call 502-553-2595.

Give me a call and start creating your best life now!

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